Middle​-​aged White Men

by Hungry Chuck

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released October 30, 2014

About the legendary Hungry Chuck:

Jim Colegrove: The former bass player in Great Speckled Bird, is from the Dayton, Ohio area. He was the guitar player in Teddy and the Rough Riders, formed in 1958. They recorded on the Tilt and Huron labels in the early sixties. Jim, along with N.D. Smart, went to Boston and New York in the late sixties. He was the bass player in Bo Grumpus, recorded on Atco in 1968, and Jolliver Arkansaw, recorded on Bell in 1969. Both groups were produced by the late Felix Pappalardi. Jim and N.D. lived in Woodstock in the early seventies when Hungry Chuck recorded there. Jim appeared on the Bobby Charles Bearsville LP. In 1974, Jim moved to Texas where he and Stephen Bruton formed a band called Little Whisper and the Rumors. In 1977, Jim and Sumter Bruton (Stephen's brother) formed the Juke Jumpers and he returned to playing guitar. The Juke Jumpers released five LPs (Flying High and Amazing records). They played together for 17 years and appeared in Europe at the Belgium Rhythm and Blues Festival and the Utrecht Festival in 1989. The Juke Jumpers appeared in the feature film A Tiger's Tale in 1986. They were one of the most popular R&B bands from Texas. His latest recordings are with the group Lost Country®, on Cool Groove Records.

N.D. Smart: N.D. met Jim Colegrove in Ohio when they played together in a bar band in 1966. He later played drums with Barry and the Remains on the Beatles tour in 1966 and appeared on their Epic LP. N.D. and Jim left Ohio together in 1967 to form Bo Grumpus in Boston. Later, in New York, he recorded on the Bo Grumpus LP on Atco. He left Bo Grumpus and recorded with Kangaroo, John Hall's (Orleans) band, on MGM. N.D. was the original drummer in Mountain and performed at the Woodstock festival with them. Late in 1969, N.D. joined Great Speckled Bird. He was on the Bobby Charles LP and also recorded and performed with Todd Rundgren. N.D. played and recorded with the Hello People. He was a member of Gram Parson's band, the Fallen Angels.

Jeff Gutcheon: Jeff played piano in various groups in New York in the 1960s. He met Jim and N.D. when they recorded with Barbara Keith (Verve Forecast) in 1969. He joined Great Speckled Bird in 1970 and performed on their international TV show, The Ian Tyson Show. A brilliant songwriter and arranger, he was a collaborator on the original Broadway production of Ain't Misbehavin'. He has recorded with Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jay and the Americans, Paul Siebel, Steve Goodman, Willie Nelson and Ringo Starr. He authored two piano instruction books published in the 1970s. Jim Colegrove and Jeff Gutcheon performed and recorded together in a group called Lost Country® that currently record for Cool Groove Records. Jeff passed away in 2013.

Amos Garrett: Amos was already a member of Great Speckled Bird when N.D. and Jim joined the band. He left the Bird to join Geoff and Maria Muldaur in 1970 and made a couple of LPs with them on Bearsville. He was a member of Better Days, a group headed by Paul Butterfield. He played on the Bobby Charles LP. He made several records with Geoff Muldaur and currently has his own solo recording career with Canadian label, Stony Plain. Amos is a popular touring act in Europe.

Ben Keith: Ben played steel guitar for seven years with Faron Young's band. He was with Johnny Darrell's band when he met Great Speckled Bird on the Ian Tyson Show. He joined Great Speckled Bird in 1972 and recorded with the group on the Columbia LP that GSB did that year. He has since played with Neil Young and was featured on the Harvest LP. He co-produced Harvest Moon. Ben was also on the Bobby Charles LP. Ben is the producer of Jewel's 1995 Atlantic Records debut, Pieces Of You.

Peter Ecklund: Peter played cornet on a number of sessions in New York and Woodstock in the 1970s. He recorded with Geoff and Maria Muldaur. He came to Hungry Chuck through Jeff Gutcheon and played with Great Speckled Bird on the Columbia LP, You Were On My Mind, in 1972. He also has recorded with David Bromberg, Bonnie Raitt, Maria Muldaur, Gregg Allman, Leon Redbone, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Livingston Taylor, Loudon Wainwright and many others.



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Hungry Chuck Fort Worth, Texas

Hungry Chuck was formed by members of the legendary Great Speckled Bird, the group that basically invented "Country Rock". Jim Colegrove, Jeff Gutcheon and N.D. Smart formed Hungry Chuck in 1971. The album they released on Bearsville Records in 1972 enjoys worldwide cult status. In 1997 the band reunited for this rollicking follow-up, completed in 1999 but never released... until now! ... more

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Track Name: Hungry Chuck - The Deadly Ebola Virus
The Deadly Ebola Virus
By Jeff Gutcheon

Hip hop, gonna get me a cop
Gonna play for a pop
Gonna shop till I drop
Don't, stop—Don't stop—DON'T STOP!
All night long

Fat back, think black, snack attack, Mac attack
Sneak attack, Iraq attack
Scat back, humpback
Jump back, fall back, you better call back
Singin' this song

About the deadly Ebola virus
Coming to take you, take you away
The deadly Ebola virus is a-comin'
And it's gwine to carry you home

Hy-brid, low bid, have a kid
smoke a lid, keep it hid
You know what your daddy did
Don't do what your daddy did
All night long

There's a red light on the far right
Outtasight, and it's a sound bite
Pure white, dynamite
Wanna fight? Do you wanna fight?
Do you wanna sing this song?

About the deadly Ebola virus
Coming to take you, take you away
The deadly Ebola virus is a-comin'
And it's gwine to carry you home

The deadly Ebola virus
Coming to take you, take you away
The deadly Ebola virus is a-comin'
And it's gwine, gwine to carry you home
Gwine to carry you home